Duravit DuraSquare
Product description

Distinctive. Precise. Rectangular. And yet soft and flowing. Duravit DuraSquare ceramics effortlessly unite seeming opposites and looks ridiculously good doing it. Clean lines, precision and reduction are designed into the entire program, which is not only modern and timeless, but also sustainable and durable.

Duravit DuraSquare at a Glance

The series that will blend into your bathroom in a modern and timeless way: DuraSquare from Duravit.

• DuraSquare sinks and countertop sinks with an innovative design
• Fine edges thanks to our DuraCeram® material
• Distinctive design is merged with a rectangular shape and an extremely thin edge
• DuraSquare bathtubs – mineral composite bathtubs made of DuroCast Plus - pleasant to the touch
• Corner version, back-to-wall version and free-standing version with seamless paneling, also as a built-in tub
• Optionally with bath filler, air system (jetted tub) and available in six different colors
• Can be combined with a wide range of furniture series


Duravit DuraSquare sinks

Duravit DuraSquare vanity sinks or washbasins make a big impression with their extremely precise and parallel lines that give way to the soft and rounded transitions inside the basin. Our innovative DuraCeram® material can be used to produce precise rims only 0.2 inches (5 mm) thick, making the inside of the basins all the bigger. The ceramic is also extremely easy to clean. Duravit DuraSquare countertop sinks are also available with a glazed rear wall and surrounding rim - which means that a mirror can be installed directly behind the basin. Also suitable for smaller rooms: The subtle shapes of the ceramic and console of Duravit DuraSquare hand washbasins create a special transparency and lightness.


DuraSquare metal consoles

Available in modern matte black or chrome, Duravit DuraSquare metal consoles provide a lightness and a cool finish. These models are particularly flexible since they are height-adjustable and they come with an optional towel holder on the right or the left. Whether you choose a floor-standing or wall-mounted version, the practical glass insert will create extra storage space. You can choose from different colors of glass and let your personality shine through.


DuraSquare bathtubs

The seamless bathtubs made from the innovative DuroCast Plus mineral composite material are perfectly matched to the design of the sink and look like they are made from a single piece. Regardless of whether you go with a free-standing tub with an overflow slit and push-open valve in chrome, or a built-in, back-to-wall or a corner bath with chrome-colored quadroval pop-up and overflow set: Duravit DuraSquare bathtubs will make a big splash with their clean lines and a warm, pleasant feel. In addition, these are available in six different colors, allowing for visual breakups or tone-on-tone bathroom design. There is an optional air jet system for maximum comfort, operated by a discreet actuator button. The smaller freestanding bathtub in the series serves as a visual highlight even in less spacious bathrooms.