Sanyi South Headquarters Building, Zhuahai 珠海三一南方總部大廈


Peoject Introduction

Zhuhai Sanyi South Headquarters Building is a 187m complex landmark integrating port boutique apartments, business space and fashion cultural blocks. Insight into the world's leading trend to bring together the needs of international high-end people, integrate business, residential, social, shopping, leisure diversified formats, leading Hengqin new value.Zhuhai Sanyi South Headquarters Building draws lessons from the international advanced "BLOCK block" concept, to create a business, leisure, open, crowd in one of the 24-hour characteristics of the commercial block. By cleverly connecting and enriching the business form and style landscape, we build a new consumption and leisure model that is more open, convenient, free, exchange and sharing, and create a new trend of Hengqin business.

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Project details