Agile HongKong City, Zhaoqing 雅居樂肇慶香港城


Project Introduction

Hong Kong City Project is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. Developed by Agile Real Estate, the project is a comprehensive large-scale community integrating multiple functions such as residential, commercial, educational and medical services. The residential products of the project include high-rise, bungalows, villas and other types of units, all of which are well-decorated and equipped with high-end intelligent home systems and green and energy-saving facilities, providing owners with a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly living environment. The project also plans a commercial street, a large shopping center, a food street and other rich commercial formats, as well as a famous school and two kindergartens, to provide owners with convenient life services and high-quality education resources. Agile Zhaoqing Hong Kong City Project is rich in landscape resources, with multiple natural landscapes such as mountains, water and forests, providing the owners with a beautiful living environment.




Project details