About us

Joint Zing supplies ltd., Tak Zing company limited (a fully-owned subsidiary company by Joint Zing), and Zhuhai De Li Sheng building materials lnc. are united closely to fulfil ‘the Service Commitment & High Efficiency" as the first priority operational concept to supply the top of the world’s sanitary wares, accessories, kitchen appliances & etc. to improve the value for our customers properties including hotels and developers.

“Continuous Improvement and Providing The Best Service", were the top two unremitting fundamental ideals for our company to pursuit and drive our products to become the best choice for the developers, also we have expended to the exclusive top brand product agent of the world and developed from Macau to China and even over-seas.

Job reference

Macau Gaming Enterprises

MGM China Group

Oversea Projects

Hoi An South Development Ltd.

Agile Tropicana Development Sdn Bhd

Macau Residential Projects

Shun Tak Holdings Limited

2018 – Nova Grand (1755 units)


China Projects

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